Infant Tongue Tie

Our office provides sedation free infant tongue and lip tie corrections (also known as a frenectomy) with the use of a laser. Lasers are unique in their ability to cut, cauterize, sterilize, and heal in comparison to techniques with scalpels, scissors or blades.  Our laser frenectomy procedure is quick with minimal discomfort for your baby, and can make a significant improvement in your baby’s ability to nurse.

How your baby latches onto your breast is one of the most important factors in successful breastfeeding. Without a good latch, breastfeeding can be very painful and difficult, and your baby may not able to remove enough milk from your breast.

Infant tongue and lip ties can be one reason why your baby is having difficulty latching. They often have a genetic component and present in a degree of severity. If the tongue and/or lip ties are too “tight”, then your baby may have difficulty moving his tongue and lips sufficiently to adequately latch and feed.

If you would like to learn more about our infant frenectomy procedure for nursing, please contact our office.