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To Seal or Not to Seal…

Jun 28, 2013

As a pediatric dentist, I absolutely recommend for children to have sealants placed on their permanent molars. What exactly IS a sealant?  Check out this picture below.


In simple terms, a sealant is a protective coating that is placed into the pits and fissures (or grooves) of the teeth to help prevent the development of caries (cavities).

Studies have shown that pit and fissure caries account for 80-90% of all cavities on posterior permanent teeth.  So, sealants are a fantastic way to help reduce the incidence. Placement of sealants in children and adolescents have consistently been shown to reduce caries incidence by 86% after 1 year and 58% after 4 years.

Therefore, to summarize: If your pediatric dentist recommends sealants, I would highly encourage you to say yes! They are a great way to help your kiddo stay cavity free.

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