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More Thoughts on Floss

Dec 19, 2016


(Picture courtesy of the New York Times, Marion Fayolle)

You may remember that AP article over the summer that caused many people to question, “Do I really need to floss?”  Followed by the audible *gasp* from dentists around the world who thought “What! Please don’t stop flossing!” I touched upon the topic in a previous blog post here.

The NYTimes recently wrote another follow-up story about how the AP reached their conclusions, and why there is more evidence to support flossing than randomized controlled clinical trials.  Check out the article here. And further, here’s another awesome video to show the proper technique to flossing – you need to actually grab the sides of the teeth, not just move the floss up and down! If you have already made the effort to get out the floss, then let’s make sure that floss is working!


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