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Holiday Presents from your Pediatric Dentist

Dec 9, 2013

This Holiday Season, why not consider a few gifts that promote great oral health! Below are a few of my favorite dental things:

1. Farley the Flossisaurus 

This little guy is the smaller and younger version of Ralph, the dino we keep at the office (and take on school trips!) to teach kids how to brush. One little girl at the office loved Ralph so much that mom consequently had to buy Farley to appease her. Farley is both fun and educational, and a great way to get your little one excited about brushing.

2. Smile Squared Toothbrush 

Smile Squared is basically the Toms Shoes of toothbrushes. For every Smile Squared toothbrush that is bought, the company donates a new toothbrush to a child in need. The company also boasts that these toothbrushes are eco-friendly and fair trade, so you are doing extra good for the world with your purchase. Very cool!

3. GumChucks

Okay, this product is a little hard to explain. I think the best thing to do is watch the video to see how it works. But to summarize: these little sticks (like miniature nunchucks) help you to achieve that “C” shape when flossing so you can get a great clean in between your teeth. I know… it sounds weird. And the name is super cheesy. But I did try them at the office the other day… and to be honest, I thought they were kinda fun and effective!

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