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Happy Halloween!

Oct 31, 2014

Halloween! A beloved holiday for both kids and adults alike. Children go wild with the dressing up and the collection of ALL THAT CANDY. But how can we keep Halloween fun and not promote rampant decay? Well, not all candy is created equal and some candy is indeed less harmful to your teeth. So check out this chart below to see which candy is worth keeping and which candy you should toss. After a night of candy collecting, sort the treats with your kiddo and guide them towards ones that are more tooth-friendly!

Halloween Chart

Now I know what you are thinking… most kids don’t look forward to Halloween for sugar-free gum. And that’s okay! But if you kids are going to indulge in any type of candy, make sure they drink plenty of water after eating the treat. Encourage them to swish the water around their mouth to help get the candy off the teeth. And most importantly, do NOT let your little ones go to bed before brushing and flossing. Oral hygiene is a must during this exciting time of year!

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