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Halloween Candy

Oct 10, 2013


Now that it’s October, one of my favorite holidays is just around the corner… Halloween!

When I was a child, there were two options for my beloved Halloween candy- 1. Eat it quickly or 2. Have it thrown away if not eaten quickly enough. Today, however, there are some really cool and fun alternatives for what to do with your child’s Halloween candy! I recommend saving a few of your child’s favorite treats (after all, it is a holiday!), and then finding a creative alternative for the rest. Below are my top 3.

1. Donate it – There are many charities that will take extra Halloween candy OR consider donating to soldiers all over the world (for example: Operation Gratitude)

2. Reuse it–  repurpose the candy to make gingerbread houses, advent calendars, ornaments, etc…

3. Trade it– some dentists will actually buy back your candy as an incentive not to eat it OR suggest trading your kiddo’s candy for a new toy or book!

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