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More Thoughts on Floss

Dec 19, 2016

(Picture courtesy of the New York Times, Marion Fayolle) You may remember that AP article over the summer that caused many people to question, “Do I really need to floss?”  Followed by the audible *gasp* from dentists around the world who thought “What! Please don’t stop flossing!” I touched upon the topic in a previous […]

Why You Should Floss…. Even If You Don’t Want to

Aug 29, 2016

  Recently, the Associated Press wrote an article that questioned the medical benefits of floss.  The article stated that studies don’t really support the use, so why even bother with flossing? This article created a lot of buzz and consequently had many parents asking me “Do we really need to floss our kids’ teeth?” My […]

Stella Sightings: Miss P

Mar 16, 2016

Today’s Stella Sightings comes all the way from Singapore, where Mom captured her little one being super sweet to our favorite candy loving character, Stella! Check out the video below to watch Miss P give Stella the best smooches ever. As Mom puts it, “Here is our 6:45am Stella sesh.” Stella Sightings: Miss P from […]

Do you have bad breath?

May 6, 2015

Check out this Ted-Ed video about Halitosis by ‘bad breath researcher’ and professor, Mel Rosenburg. Recently seen in the Huffington Post, this video is both informative and interesting about the causes and treatment of bad breath! Main points to take home are: – The primary causes of bad breath (aka: Halitosis) is: bacteria build-up in […]

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