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Amber Teething Necklaces

Nov 13, 2013

Last summer, I had a mom tell me that she uses an amber teething necklace to help her baby with his teething discomfort. Not being too familiar with this product, I decided to look it up. Baltic amber beads are small beaded necklaces that supposedly release a pain-relieving substance to help with pain. The product claims that when the beads are warmed by the baby’s body temperature, the pain-relieving substance is then absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. I wasn’t really convinced, but also figured this product was not that popular… That was until I saw this:                                        Gisele’s adorable little baby wearing the necklace!

Recently, the New York Times wrote an article about the dangers of these amber teething necklaces. The article discussed the significant suffocation and choking hazard associated with the necklaces, and the mandated safety warnings that have been issued in other countries. Pediatricians don’t seem to be a big fan either, especially since their guidelines recommend that infants not wear any jewelry for safety reasons.


A lot of stories swirl around teething, but scientifically, teething has only been found to cause drooling, fingers in the mouth, and occasional discomfort.  If you feel that your child is having pain, then try chilling a damp washcloth so your little one can gnaw on that. The whole idea is to give your child something safe and soothing to help massage the gums until the teeth erupt. For more tips on teething, check out this great article HERE (Featured in June’s Parents Magazine).

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