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Gummy Vitamins: Yes or No?

Aug 6, 2017

Increasingly, I find that more and more kids are eating gummy vitamins. After all, they taste delicious and are an easy way to make sure kids are getting their necessary supplements. However, a recent article in Parents magazine highlights the downsides of these vitamins.  Pediatrician, Natalie Muth, MD, RDN, warns of the 3 major pitfalls […]

Can my kiddo chew gum?

Jul 6, 2017

Picture courtesy of Mary Trombley (via The New York Times) Back in the 1930s, Wrigley Chewing Gum advertised that toddlers were ready for their first piece of gum at age 2. They would mail a free stick of gum to every American child for their 2nd birthday – how funny! The NYTimes wrote a short […]

Stella Sightings

May 25, 2017

Check out our latest Stella Sightings all the way from Helena, Montana! We love seeing where Stella gets to travel, and we love seeing even more those little Stella smiles! Hopefully, Stella will become an inspiration for baby girl L after she gets a few more teeth! Happy brushing!

Brush those Hippo’s teeth, please!

Apr 3, 2017

This hippo’s dentist is one brave soul!  Check out this cute video that shows how a hippo gets his monthly teeth and gums cleaning. Enjoy!

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