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Holiday Presents from your Pediatric Dentist

Dec 9, 2013

This Holiday Season, why not consider a few gifts that promote great oral health! Below are a few of my favorite dental things: 1. Farley the Flossisaurus  This little guy is the smaller and younger version of Ralph, the dino we keep at the office (and take on school trips!) to teach kids how to […]

Amber Teething Necklaces

Nov 13, 2013

Last summer, I had a mom tell me that she uses an amber teething necklace to help her baby with his teething discomfort. Not being too familiar with this product, I decided to look it up. Baltic amber beads are small beaded necklaces that supposedly release a pain-relieving substance to help with pain. The product […]

Halloween Candy, II

Oct 16, 2013

Last week, I posted fun alternatives for what to do with your kiddo’s Halloween candy. This week, after re-discovering Jimmy Kimmel’s hysterical “I told my kid I ate all of their Halloween candy” challenge, I would like to add to my top 3. #4: Tell your kids you ate it all while they were sleeping […]

Halloween Candy

Oct 10, 2013

Now that it’s October, one of my favorite holidays is just around the corner… Halloween! When I was a child, there were two options for my beloved Halloween candy- 1. Eat it quickly or 2. Have it thrown away if not eaten quickly enough. Today, however, there are some really cool and fun alternatives for […]

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