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School Visit: Children’s All Day School

Jan 24, 2016


Thank you to Children’s All Day School (CADS) for inviting me to come chat about the importance of dental hygiene and oral health! From the tots and toddlers to the older 4 and 5 year olds, each classroom was awesome, engaging, and great participants! Everyone got to show off their brushing and flossing skills on our famous friend, Farley the Flossasaurus, who now has the cleanest teeth in all of the land. Like always, below are a few of my favorite responses from today’s visit. Thank you again, CADS, for having us- we’d love to come again next year!


Dr. Jen: “And what happened when you visited the dentist?”

Kid A: “I cried.” (Oh no!)


Dr. Jen: “And did the dentist count your teeth and brush them?”

Kid B: “No! But I got a special prize.” (Well, it’s the small things that count in life, right?!)


Dr. Jen: “And what is a healthy snack to eat?”

Kid C: “SPIDERWEBS!” (I suppose spiderwebs are at least organic?!)

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