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Aug 31, 2015


(American Journal of Pediatric Dentistry, V37, No 4, Jul/Aug 2015)

As most doctors can attest to, during your long days of residency, you are often required to a complete a research project of some sort. Being the psychology major that I was during my college days at Harvard, behavior and temperament has always been something that intrigued me. So I asked, “Could we, as pediatric dentists, predict the behavior of our little patients?” Turns out, we sorta can! Results from our study indicated that 89% of pediatric dentists (who completed our survey) were able to correctly predict behavior in at least 4 of the 6 children featured. Why is this important? Well, knowing your child’s behavior and temperament can only help us, as pediatric dentists, facilitate a better relationship with your child. And by having a good relationship with your child, we are better able to help your child achieve a lifetime of great oral health. So thanks to the American Journal of Pediatric Dentistry for publishing my work!

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