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Listerine Q&A about Oral Health!

Jun 15, 2015

Listerine1 My dear friend, Alissa, works for Johnson & Johnson specifically on their Listerine marketing team. She is probably the only non-dental friend I have who loves teeth as much as I do!

Listerine Alissa and I

A few months ago, Alissa asked me if I would mind doing a Q&A with her Listerine team. She informed me her team is always eager to learn more about people’s dental habits. Together with two Moms from the area, the Listerine team asked us many questions regarding dental habits and oral hygiene. “Do you floss your own teeth? Do you floss your kids’ teeth? What motivates you to use mouthwash?” The Moms, in particular, were awesome at sharing their thoughts!

I also asked the Listerine team a few questions of my own, including a surprise pop quiz!

Listerine Event I Listerine Quiz Questions Picture

What were the take home messages from the event?

  • Consistently brushing and flossing every night and morning is the best way to prevent cavities
  • Limit snacking- even if you are the best brusher, if you snack frequently, you are creating an acidic environment that cavities like to thrive in.
  • Choose Water as frequently as possible- it’s the healthiest thing for your teeth and body!
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