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Halloween Candy

Oct 16, 2015

Sugarbugs Sugarbugs_Page

With Halloween fast approaching, find out what happens to Stella when she hides all of her Halloween candy under her bed! (Although I am naturally biased since I’m the author, I think the book teaches the importance of moderation and honesty!)¬†You can preview the first half of the book here and/or purchase the book here.

As a reminder, here are some tips on how to prevent sugarbugs during this candy-heavy time of year:

  1. Not all candy is equal! Gummies, caramels, and sticky candies are definitely the worst in terms of causing decay. Try to stick with chocolates if possible.
  2. Do not save all your Halloween candy! Try to start a tradition of only keeping a small amount of candy, and then donating the rest. If you keep it in the house, it will get eaten!
  3. Make sure to practice extra good oral hygiene during this time of year! No falling asleep without brushing and flossing. Make sure your kiddos know that if they get a special treat, then they must brush and floss their teeth super well that night.

For more tips on Halloween cavity prevention, check out previous blog posts here and here.


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