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Facts vs Myths

Sep 21, 2015


The Huffington Post recently chronicled some of the most common dental myths encountered by orthodontists and pediatric dentists. Some of my favorites include:

  • Myth: Use a hard bristle toothbrush to best remove plaque.
  • Truth: Don’t—the abrasiveness can damage your gum line!
  • Myth: Baby teeth all fall out eventually, so there is no need for dental care in young children.
  • Truth: The back baby molars aren’t lost until 11-13 years of age! And baby teeth can become painfully infected if not routinely checked… So having routine dental care as a young child is an absolute must!
  • Myth: Natural fruit juice won’t cause decay like soda or candy will.
  • Truth: Sugar is sugar! Even if it is organic and natural. So, the best choice for drink is always water.
  • Myth: Wisdom teeth will cause other teeth to shift after orthodontics.
  • Truth: While this is a natural assumption, the real cause of shifting or relapse is a late adolescent growth spurt. So you must wear your retainers consistently at night!

 To read more of these common dental myths, check out the full article HERE.

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