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Kid Friendly Dental Apps

Jan 24, 2014

Just the other day, I hung out with my little 4 year old patient while she waited for her dad to finish his cleaning. Now, in addition to the fact that this little girl was a wizard on the iPad, she also had some very cool kid friendly apps. I mean, these apps were straight up my childhood alley. (A nail polish painting app? A little pet shop app? Amazing.) And much to my delight, she also had a sweet dental app that she seemed to thoroughly enjoy! Which is hence the inspiration for this post: Dental Apps you should download for your child

1. ToothSavers (Free)

This game is actually endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and involves an interactive fairy tale kingdom that inspires kids to brush twice a day. The adventure tells the story of a witch, who is jealous of her neighbor’s healthy teeth, and casts an evil spell on the mouths of everyone else. The player, therefore, has to break the spell by brushing away the germs and getting to different levels in the kingdom. Overall, educational and fun! Watch this video to get a better sense of the game:

2. Little Dentist (Free) or My Little Dentist (Free)


These apps are basically the same, and involve characters who need to have their teeth cleaned, filled, and/or pulled! These games are my second choice for the following reasons: 1) There are many ads and 2) I find the extracting of teeth a little unnecessary. While some kids may enjoy pulling the rotten teeth, I think it could be counterproductive for others. That’s why I would avoid the similar Celebrity Dentist app as well… in that app, the characters actually cry out in pain when their teeth are pulled… Again, not sure if that’s helpful for future dental visits…

3. Tooth Fairy Flight to the Dentist (Free)


This game is a little more advanced, and involves helping the tooth fairy fly around the world to collect teeth and treasures for all the boys and girls. It is more of a race than a simple brushing game (think Temple Run but with a tooth fairy), but could be very fun for those kids who learned how to unlock an iPhone at age 1.

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